Friday, October 28, 2005

Today's Headlines

- Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad stood by his comment that Israel “must be wiped off the map,” ignoring condemnation from the European Union, US and Russia.
- I. Lewis Libby was indicted by a grand jury investigating who leaked the name of an alleged covert CIA agent. Libby resigned shortly afterward. Karl Rove, who made four appearances before the grand jury, wasn’t charged.
- Natural gas prices continue to fall after a report yesterday showed US stockpiles were ample to meet winter demand.

Wall Street Journal:
- Verizon Communications faces demands from local authorities to fund a variety of projects in exchange for allowing the company to roll out its high-speed network.
- Oil prices at more than $60 a barrel are spurring increased interest in biofuels, including plants that use turkey feathers, bones, fat and even entire birds to produce diesel fuel.
- Esprit, a brand that largely disappeared from the US, is attempting a US comeback with high-fashion goods.
- Abigail Johnson, Fidelity Investments’ biggest shareholder, has reduced her stake in the US mutual-fund company, raising questions about whether she will succeed her father at the head of the firm.
- Delta Air Lines may end its Song discount carrier unit introduced in 2003, and apply some of the experience gained to Delta flights.

NY Times:
- The American Association of Retired Persons is seeking to attract more members by selling and endorsing products.
- The US oil and gas industry, awash with money, is facing a labor and equipment shortage.
- Fifth Third Bank of Cincinnati may be the subject of takeover interest as disappointing deposit growth reversed its fortunes and sent its stock down.

Washington Post:
- Rosa Parks, the African-American whose arrest helped spark the US civil-rights movement, may be honored by Congress with a vigil in the Capitol Rotunda to market her death on Oct. 24.
- The FBI may not monitor the locations of cellular phone users without showing evidence that a crime took place or is in progress.
- A federal program that has doled out more than $10 billion to help schools and libraries access the Internet has wasted millions of dollars.

Le Figaro:
- A French Islamist terrorist group has obtained shoulder-held anti-aircraft missiles from Chechnya with the intention of bringing down an airliner at a French airport, citing judicial documents.

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