Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Today's Headlines

- Oil is falling another .20 after OPEC’s president said many factors point to oversupply and a soft market for crude next year.
- Ex-Enron Corp. CFO Fastow, who created the illicit partnerships at the heart of the fraud that destroyed the company, was sentenced to six year in prison.
- Former WorldCom CEO Ebbers, convicted of masterminding one of the biggest frauds in US history, is due to report to a federal prison today to begin serving a 25-year term.

Wall Street Journal:
- Oprah Winfrey, the US talk show queen, and XM Satellite Radio Holdings(XMSR) started a 24-hour radio channel hosted by her and other celebrities from her television show.

NY Times:
- US Republicans are pushing for laws mandating stricter enforcement of identification for potential votes to prevent fraud, while Democrats largely oppose such measures.
- The US leads the world in nanotechnology research.
- A group of American Civil Liberties Union supporters is calling for a change in the organization’s leadership for failing to stick with the principles it demands of others.

- Former Iraqi leader Saddam Hussein returned to his genocide trial after being rejected from court yesterday.

Financial Times:
- The European Union and the US are near a deal on sharing airplane passenger information that would avoid disruption of flights that might have come had agreement not been reached.

- General Ilker Basbug, the head of Turkey’s armed forces, warned of what he called the rising threat of Islamic extremism in the Muslim nation.

- Iraq intends to buy 300,000 metric tons of wheat this month, with 90% supplied by US exporters and the remainder from Australia.

- Gilberto and Miquel Rodriguez Orejuela, the former leaders of Colombia’s Cali cocaine cartel, were each sentenced to 30 years in prison for cocaine trafficking.

- Russia will deliver nuclear fuel to Iran’s Bushehr nuclear plant in March 2007, citing the head of Russia’s nuclear technology exporter Atomstroyexport.

- President Bush plans to visit the Middle East or hold a summit with regional leaders by the end of the year to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace talks and allay concern over Iran’s growing influence.

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