Monday, March 06, 2017

Today's Headlines

  • U.K. Slams Russian Aggression as EU Steps Up Defense Cooperation. British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson warned against the threat Russia poses to Western democracies as the European Union moved to bring its military operations under a single command for the first time. Russian authorities “are, I’m afraid, engaged in cyber-warfare, they’re engaged in undermining countries in the Western Balkans -- you saw what happened in Montenegro -- to say nothing of Russia’s actions in Ukraine which are, as everybody knows, completely unacceptable,” Johnson told reporters in Brussels on Monday as he headed into a meeting of European Union foreign and defense ministers.
  • U.S. Oil Industry Becomes Refiner to the World as Exports Boom. From major producers such as Chevron Corp. to specialized refiners including Valero Energy Corp., the U.S. refining industry has shifted its game over the last five years, taking advantage of gaps left by struggling refiners in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Along the way, it’s transforming what had long been a largely domestic business into a new global venture.
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