Saturday, April 15, 2017

Today's Headlines

  • Kim Jong Un Shows Off North Korea Missiles as World on Edge. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un oversaw an elaborate military parade in the center of Pyongyang on Saturday as the world watched for any provocations that risk sparking a conflict with the U.S. Wearing a Western-style black suit and white collared shirt, Kim was pictured on state-run television laughing heartily and clapping while watching soldiers, tanks and missiles on display in Kim Il Sung Square. The event marked the 105th birth anniversary of Kim’s grandfather, the nation’s founder, North Korea’s most important holiday. “If the U.S. provokes recklessly, the revolutionary forces will take an annihilating strike,” Choe Ryong Hae, a senior regime official, said in a speech at the parade. North Korea is ready for a nuclear or full-scale war if the U.S. wants it, he added.
  • U.S. Urges China to Open Trade After Sparing It Manipulator Tag. The U.S. stopped short of branding China a currency manipulator, but urged the world’s second-largest economy to let the yuan rise with market forces and embrace more trade. No major trading partner is manipulating its currency for an unfair trade advantage, according to the first foreign-currency report released by the Treasury Department under President Donald Trump on Friday. It kept China, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan, Germany and Switzerland on its foreign-exchange monitoring list. “China currently has an extremely large and persistent bilateral trade surplus with the United States, which underscores the need for further opening of the Chinese economy to American goods and services,” as well as quicker reforms to boost household consumption, according to the Treasury report.
  • Aramco CEO Sees Oil Market Closer to Balance Despite U.S. Boom.
  • Apple(AAPL) Said to Near Road Tests of Self-Driving Car Software. Apple Inc. will soon take its self-driving car software platform to public streets for the first time, a major step that gets the world’s largest technology company into a crowded race to reshape transportation. The California Department of Motor Vehicles granted clearance for trials of the autonomous driving technology on public roads, according to a notice on the DMV’s website on Friday. This is the first time Apple has received approval for such testing.
Wall Street Journal: 
  • Had bullish commentary on (HBI), (P), (REGN), (VRTX), (WFM) and (WAB).

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