Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Mid-day Report

S&P 500 1,209.38 +.33%
NASDAQ 2,155.83 +.23%

Leading Sectors
Airlines +2.20%
Gaming +1.49%
Defense +1.36%

Lagging Sectors
Energy -1.21%
Iron/Steel -1.27%
Oil Service -1.42%

Crude Oil 44.13 -3.56%
Natural Gas 6.82 -.53%
Gold 440.60 -.52
Base Metals 122.17 +.36%
U.S. Dollar 82.05 +.13%
10-Yr. T-note Yield 4.19% +.79%
VIX 11.43 -.87%
Put/Call .95 +18.75%
NYSE Arms .83 +22.06%

Market Movers

Economic Data
Final 3Q GDP rose 4.0% versus estimates of 3.9% and a prior estimate of 3.9%.
Final 3Q Personal Consumption rose 5.1% versus estimates of 5.1% and a prior estimate 5.51%.
Final 3Q GDP Price Deflator rose 1.4% versus estimates of 1.3% and a prior estimate of 1.3%.

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Mid-day News

Bottom Line: The Portfolio is higher mid-day on gains in my software, semi-equipment and RFID longs. I have not traded today and the Portfolio is still 125% net long. The tone of the market is pretty good and Banks are hitting ALL-TIME highs. Energy prices are falling, tech is outperforming and commodity-related stocks are underperforming. I expect this trend to continue in the intermediate-term. US stocks will likely move modestly higher into the close on optimism over economic growth, falling energy prices, short-covering and year-end positioning.

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