Friday, March 26, 2004

Friday Close

S&P 500 1,108.06 -.10%
NASDAQ 1,960.02 -.36%

Leading Sectors
Airlines +2.42%
Iron/Steel +1.96%
I-Banks +1.37%

Lagging Sectors
Restaurants -1.09%
Wireless -1.19%
Semis -1.25%

Crude Oil 35.73 +.62%
Natural Gas 5.39 +1.11%
Gold 422.20 +1.27%
Base Metals 112.11 +1.52%
U.S. Dollar 88.89 -.01%
10-Yr. Long-Bond Yield 3.83% +2.47%
VIX 17.33 -3.08%
Put/Call .77 +11.59%
NYSE Arms .88 +100.0%

After-hours Movers
RIMM +4.7% after saying it will receive a payment for an undisclosed amount from Good Technology to settle a series of lawsuits between companies.
OSUR +6.6% on a continued rise after winning U.S. approval to sell the first kit for rapid detection of the virus that causes AIDS in saliva.

Recommendations has a positive article on gold stocks, guests' favorites are PDG, EGO, CBJ, RIC and GSS.

After-hours News
U.S. stocks finished slightly lower on late-day profit-taking before the weekend, sending the S&P 500 to its third straight weekly loss. U.S. Treasury Notes had their biggest decline in two months after measures of personal income and consumer confidence were better-than-expected.

BOTTOM LINE: The Portfolio had a good day today as several longs rose substantially, offsetting minor losses in my short positions. The late-day sell-off led by semis was to be expected as many stocks had risen 8-12% in a very short period of time. I didn't trade today and the Portfolio is still 125% net long.

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