Friday, February 11, 2005

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BOTTOM LINE: Due to a scheduling conflict, I am posting an abbreviated version of the Mid-day Report. The Weekly Scoreboard will be posted at its regular time around 5pm est. The Portfolio is slightly higher mid-day on gains in my internet, networking and RFID longs. I added to a few of my existing longs this morning, thus leaving the Portfolio 50% net long. I added to my GOOG long and I am using a $185 stop-loss on this position. The tone of the market is much better today as the advance/decline line is pretty good, volume is solid and almost every sector is higher. Considering losses in market leaders, such as the homebuilders and Dell, the market’s overall performance today is impressive. On the negative side, oil is maintaining yesterday’s gains and measures of investor anxiety are lower. I expect US stocks to rise modestly into the close on short-covering, lower long-term interest rates and increasing fund flows.

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