Thursday, December 20, 2007

Today's Headlines

- Mobile-Phone Spending in US Rises to Record After New iPhone.
- Gold is falling another $3.20/oz. after the US dollar climbed further against the euro and oil reversed earlier gains, eroding the appeal of the precious metal as an alternative investment.
- The cost of borrowing in euros, pounds and dollars fell for a third day as central banks inject cash into global money markets to ease a year-end lending squeeze.

Wall Street Journal:
- After delaying a domestic satellite-surveillance program for more than two months, Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff expects to finalize a new charter for it this week, a move that attempts to quell civil-liberties concerns and get the program back on track.
- Great Wall Street of China. Morgan Deal Underlines The New Capital Flow; Who’s Playing Whom?

- Latest Luxury: The Store Concierge. Retailers Kick It Up a Notch To Coddle Affluent Clientele.

NY Times:
- Silicon Valley Shaped by Technology and Traffic.
- It has been a difficult few years for earmarks, the pet spending projects that lawmakers pursue in Congress. They have been linked to felony cases, blamed for the national debt, stripped from the budget, exposed to public scrutiny and subjected to ridicule. Yet earmarks and the lawmakers who love them will not be denied.

- 2 Young Hedge-Fund Veterans Stir Up the World of Philanthropy.
- Nanotechnology Companies Planning IPOs.

Knowledge @ Warton:
- A Closer Look at Sovereign Wealth Funds: Secretive, Powerful, Unregulated and Huge.

- Apple(AAPL) May Make Big Splash With Apple TV in 2008.

International Herald Tribune:
- The secrecy surrounding the William J. Clinton Foundation has become a campaign issue as Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton seeks the Democratic presidential nomination with her husband as a prime source of strategy and star power. Some of her rivals argue that donors could us presidential foundations to circumvent campaign finance laws intended to limit political influence.

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