Friday, April 19, 2024

Evening Headlines


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  • FAMOUS TIKTOKER DIED SOON AFTER 'EXPOSING' BEYONCE AND DIDDY. Immediately after the raids on Diddy's home, Kyle Marisa Roth released videos on TikTok in which she claimed to reveal little-known facts about the case, including alleged payoffs and instances of Beyonce attempting to remove online evidence of her attending a suspicious party. (video)
  • 'ZOMBIE DRUG' SPREADS THROUGH U.S. The National Institute of Drug Abuse warns ‘Flakka’ can cause 'excited delirium,' which can entail hallucinations, increased strength, paranoia, as well as violent aggression and psychotic episodes. (video)
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  • Cancer Doctor Issues Urgent Warning. The mRNA COVID-19 shots “should be completely banned! If they’re going to be used for anything, it has to be what they are, gene therapies.” Prof. Angus Dalgleish says there is a “fundamental flaw” with COVID-19 shots, and the flaw is that “it carries on for an indeterminate period of time.”
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