Wednesday, April 17, 2024

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The Epoch Times:

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  • Dubai airport looks like an apocalyptic movie. Videos of the flooding are insane. I’ve seen some blaming climate change when the cause is actually from the use of weather modification. Cloud seeding where chemicals are sprayed in clouds to create rain caused this. We recently banned this practice in my home state of Tennessee. Anytime you modify the weather you open yourself up to unintended consequences. (video)
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  • TELEGRAM FOUNDER: THE U.S. TRIED TO HIRE MY EMPLOYEE TO HELP THEM SPY ON USERS. Tucker: "The US government tried to secretly hire your engineer?" Doruv: "That's what he told me. They wanted him to code open-source tools into the app that would serve as backdoors." Tucker: "It would allow the US to spy on Telegram users?" Durov: "The US government, or maybe any other government, because a backdoor is a backdoor to anyone." (video)
Night Trading 
  • Asian equity indices are -.5% to +.5% on average.
  • Asia Ex-Japan Investment Grade CDS Index 113.5 -1.0 basis point.
  • China Sovereign CDS 71.25 -2.0 basis points.
  • China Iron Ore Spot 116.7 USD/Metric Tonne +1.1%.
  • Bloomberg Emerging Markets Currency Index 39.2 -.05%
  • Bloomberg Global Risk-On/Risk Off Index 67.3 +1.5%.
  • Volatility Index(VIX) futures 17.1 -.6%.
  • Euro Stoxx 50 futures -.16%.
  • S&P 500 futures +.12%.
  • NASDAQ 100 futures +.23%.  
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BOTTOM LINE: Asian indices are mostly lower, weighed down by industrial and consumer shares in the region. I expect US stocks to open modestly higher and to weaken into the afternoon, finishing mixed.  The Portfolio is 25% net long heading into the day.

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