Saturday, November 12, 2022

Today's Headlines


Wall Street Journal:
  • Had bullish commentary on (EOG), (BMBL), (DHI), (PHM) and (TOL).
  • Had bearish commentary on crypto, (ARVL), (NKLA) and (FSR).

Fox News:

Zero Hedge:
The Epoch Times:
Covid-19(Data, Maps, Graphs):

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JC said...

Gary, how f'd is America if the Commiecrats cheat their way to majority in the House and Senate?
I mean there is no POSSIBLE way the left won majorities, I mean, two words, John Fetterman. Impossible for him to have won PA, exit polling showed about 10% of Dems voted for Oz, AND FETTERMAN STILL WON BY 3%. Not possible without cheating the vote.